Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh yes, this thing that casts shadows on the ground returns today. I am informed that it is called sunshine. This concept is fairly new, seeing as how we haven't had sunshine in days/weeks. Hooray for sunshine!

 I miss the sunshine in California.  It was 110 degrees and bee-a-u-ti-ful. I layed out and tried to soak up as much of it as possible. I wish it was  still summer. This fall stuff has got to go!

The meeting went fairly well with the principal today. I still know that there is more conflict to come, but I will deal with that as it comes. School is getting busier. Behaviors are becoming more of an issue with my kiddies. My one little guy cannot seem to hold it together. I really feel sorry for him because I know he cannot help it, but in the same way these behaviors have to be minimized ASAP.

I have to say I have bug bite on the the bottom of my jawline, closer to my earlobe. It's a little obtrusive, itchy, and obnoxious. Plus, at first glimpse, it looks like a hickey..bad for  

I know this post if full of randomness. I don't really have much going on this week. I have been waking up at exactly 6am (before my alarm) and going to bed at 10:00.  My kitty cat has enjoyed the stability of my schedule. She enjoys me coming home around 4:30p.m. and going to bed at 10pm. She doesn't really like me waking up early, though. Often times it's tempting to lay in bed 5 minutes longer, just for her.  

 Enjoy the rest of the week.... Friday is just around the corner.


Rosko said...

YAY SUN! I hope things continue to go well with the principal, and with the kiddos. As for bug bites, no fun, especially there. But just so you know, there's nothing wrong with posts that are "full of randomness". I hope you have a good rest of the week (and another reminder about your camera problem, Saturday or Sunday, either one!)