Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh My,

  I feel as though I have not done this in awhile. Oh wait, I am right, it's been almost three weeks. Yeeps. I can probably come up with a thousand-and-two reasons as to why I haven't written but bottom line, I am just lazy. Let's see.. a lot has happened since the last post:
 My brother got married.
 I got my hair cut.
 My boyfriend took me to a fabulous crab dinner.
 A new student joined my class. ( I may be losing another...)
 I got an ipod shuffle.
 I attended NIU's homecoming (Go Huskies!)

 A lot has happened since my last post, but a lot more is to come. I am planning a vacation for spring break (may be  even Christmas too!). I need one already. Summer cannot come quick enough.
Speaking of weather...umm... snow??? In October?!?!  Grumbles. Time to move to a warmer climate.

Well, this is brief, but I will elaborate on some topics at another time. It's dinner time!


Monday, October 06, 2008

Time to get on my soapbox, watch out.

  Student loans? They're awful. I am sorry I even had to utilize them. Well, I did not have  much of  a choice. Anyhow, since I graduated, they gave me (and everybody) a  grace period of six months. Well you do not have to be a math major to figure out that my sixth month mark is quickly approaching. I tried to call and consolidate my loans today.  Guess what?!? They stopped consolidating loans in April 2008 (before I graduated). Lucky me. The lady said I would have to make many payments a month. Keep in mind they all equal to over 5oo dollars a month!!! 5oo dollars a month?!?!?  Who has that kind of money laying around. I don't So after crying and pleading with the lady, she offered me to lower my monthly payment. So I did and now I pay significantly less than 500 dollars per month. PHEW! Payments begin in December. I know it extended the amount of months I will be paying, but at least the amount per month is lowered for awhile. 
  The point of me explaining all of this is to lead into my ranting and raving moment. You see, I went to college to better myself.  Making better wages, saving more money, goal-setting, developing financial independence...etc...  As much as I appreciate my college degree, I certainly feel overwhelmed by this debt. If it were in fact were to stay at 500 dollars (plus) per month, that would have taken up most of my income per month. That's not exactly what I imagined financial stability to be.  This deserves a 'grumbles' moment. ::Sigh::  I know all will be fine, but until I truly get things figured out, I am totally lost in the world of numbers and negotiation.

 Life must move on.

 Speaking of lives, my brother is getting married in 6 days.  Wow, time does fly by. It seems like yesterday they just got engaged. That's going to be quite a party. I will be sure to write about it after the event. 

With that, enjoy the evening. Mine will be filled with laying out clothes for tomorrow and heading to bed.  

Sunday, October 05, 2008

  What a weekend!  Friday night my friend from California came in, so I took her out. Before we went out, I must mention that my boyfriend made dinner for me. He prepared crab legs...yum! He surprised me!!! What a sweetheart! (Thanks, Dave!) Saturday was my boyfriend's parents' 25th wedding anniversary party AND my brother's soon-to-be bride's bachelorette party. Needless to say I am wiped out today. This week is forecasted to be not as busy as previous ones, so I hope to be home at a decent hour after school. 

   I have to do laundry and get ready for the day tomorrow. Enjoy what's left of this weekend!