Monday, January 05, 2009


What does it look like: A card, smile, handshake, head-nod, hug, a thank-you? 
How does it feel: warm, fuzzy, disappointing, confused?

  Yes folks, appreciation can come in many forms; some better than others. I like to show my appreciation towards others, genuinely. For example, I was at a Starbucks (not local) and there were only two people working. The lines were awful. People were complaining they were not being served quick enough. When it was my turn, I did wait about 30 minutes for my beverage, however I proceeded to thank the men who were working so diligently. In fact, they even made my beverage extra well. I am very amazed that even under pressure, these men still produced a great product. When I thanked them and complimented them, I can saw their faces light up like a Christmas tree. Yes, gentlemen, you deserved the appreciation. 

 Everyone should feel appreciated. Some people do go above and beyond their duties to make one's day. I appreciate their efforts. If there are readers out there who haven't felt appreciated lately, please know I appreciate you. 

  I like to make people's day. There is nothing more rewarding than to see somebody's face light up because you sent them a card, said thank-you, or even smiled.  I like to show people that I care about them, I do these things from my heart.

  I care. Genuinely. 

 Take a few moments to tell somebody how much you care about them, how well they do something, you are thinking about them, you LOVE them...etc. Let them know YOU care. 


Rosko said...

Well, Becky, I appreciate you. Your presence in my life makes things that much better. You usually have a smile and something nice to say, and that is a trait not oft exhibited in this day and age. You not only appreciate when people go above and beyond, but you also go above and beyond. Thanks always for being my friend.

The previous message was completely factual and typed from the heart. It was inspired by Becky's blog.

Ashley said...

I appreciate it when people take the time to comment on my blog. :) It makes me happy when I see a new comment and I like it especially when you can tell that the commenter is genuine in their response!

This was a beautiful post and it is something I think most people (unfortunately) don't take enough time to do. I try to do it whenever I can but I know I should do it more.

Have a great rest of the week and weekend!