Friday, January 16, 2009

Hooray for SNOW DAY # 2!!!!

  Allow me to express my gratitude for my dearest friend Snow Day.

 Dear Snow Day,
   Thank you for visiting me for the second time this year. I appreciate all you do for me. Although you can be inconsistent at times, you are still a good friend to me. I know you may feel as though you are doing all the work in this friendship. Fear not my friend, I will be visiting you at the end of this year. I think I owe you a two-day visit. Well, I hope you know how much I am grateful for you.

 See you soon,

  Miss Becky


  Thank you for that exhilarating experience. I feel much better now. On the same subject, I am bittersweet about this snow day. You see, yesterday, when the wind chill was -25, we still had school. I believe a lot of the parents called the superintendent and complained. FYI- it's not just the superintendent's decision. Anyway, a part of me believes that we had the snow day today to make parents happy. Well, what some parents fail to understand is that some kids NEED to be in school, for their homelife is nothing short of a disaster. Some kids do not have the luxury of staying cozy warm in their houses all day.  So as much as I truly appreciate the day off, I still worry about some of my kids and hope their safe. 



     I must have been  a VERY good girl this year. Santa granted my wish of a new camera!!!!! :-)  I look forward to taking wonderful, clear pictures (without the battery running out.) Stay tuned!!!!

   I did however, receive a refurbished camera from the OTHER camera company. Technically I now have two cameras. They will be used, fear not. With all of this good news, I simply do not know what to do with myself!

    I think I am so excited that I will do my laundry. Have a great, safe day!!! :-)


Ashley said...

I have never and never want to experience what -25 feels like. I am a total Southerner, I hunker down in my house if it get below 50 degrees outside! My brother lived in Minnesota for a long time and he would call and tell us about how cold it was there, and I knew that I could never live somewhere that cold. I will always be a Texas girl I guess! :)