Saturday, August 30, 2008

I love dollar stores! I just got home from a fantastic shopping day with my grandma and mom. We spent some time at Yorktown mall, and Oakbrook area. I bought some cute 'career' clothes, my grandma accessorized for my brother's wedding, and my mom just came along for the ride. Additionally, I spent a good amount of time at the dollar store. I spent 24 dollars ( tax exempt for being a teacher). For that amount of money, I purchased 7 supplemental activity books, 4 rulers, a set of 50 erasers, one pack of 414 ct Hot Wheels stickers, 1 pack of Tigger stickers, 1 binder, 2 packs of supplemental card games ( 3 games per pack), binder clips, permanent markers, 2 packs of colored index cards and a mini 3-drawer organizer. Can you believe it?!?!? I love being a teacher!!!!! My kids are going to love it all!!!!!! Because I am such a bargain shoppers, I am absolutely in my glory right now. This is fabulous. Also, I stopped into the store The Chalkboard. This store is a 'teacher store'. I spent about 9 dollars there, but again, it's tax-free and all for the kiddies. I enjoy the store, but I would rather go to the dollar store. I cannot tell you how awesome it feels to see resource out there for teachers.

More to come!!!


Rosko said...

I love dollar stores too, but rarely need anything contained in such walls, so I stay away (gotta save money). Congrats on the clothes, although I must say whenever I see you, you're very well-dressed. Also, YOU WOULD(!!!!) buy Tigger stickers!!!!!! :-P See you 'round!

Rosko said...

You should check out my blog!