Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What a fabulous day!!!! Remember when you were in grade school and it was the first day???? I was able to relive those days with the students. Their faces were priceless. It almost brought a tear to my eye to see their eagerness and sparkles in their eyes. It definitely brought me back to my school days.
I cannot wait for the kindergarten students to begin their school days (tomorrow). I cannot express in words how I felt when the hallways and classrooms were filled with smiling faces. Speaking of good moments, I have one to share.

In my building and district there are A LOT of teachers who have been there since the beginning of time. I particularly enjoy this because it means job security for me jk. On a serious note, it feels like a family among the teachers. As a first year, it is intimidating to start in a building filled with veteran teachers. I am fortunate that if there was anything I needed, I can go to any of the teachers for help. That makes me feel relieved. Anyway, back to the good moment. I was sitting at my table this morning going over some minimal paperwork, when this teacher came in. Now, because it is the beginning of the year, most teachers bop in just to see the room and how it is decorated. This particular teacher did comment on the room but also requested my help in her classroom. MY HELP???!?!!!?! I nearly fell off the chair. I was completely ecstatic and eager to assist. She has students in her classroom that are ESL (english as a second language). She asked for my assistance (being that I am a resource teacher) to help planning her lessons to reach all of her ability levels. Again, as a first year teacher, sometimes it is difficult to earn the respect of veteran teachers so for her to seek me out and ask for my assistance, I truly felt accomplished. This moment, along with seeing the student for the first time, made my day. :-)

I know there will be many more of these great moments, so stay tuned!

Ps- Although is has been extremely sunny, I am a little disappointed with the weather changes. Waking up to a chill in the air and dew on my car is not a good sign. Where's my 90 degree and sunshine weather? Enjoy and smile! :o)


Rosko said...

I'm glad to know that your day was brightened not only by the smiling faces of little ones (who WOULDN'T love that?!?!?!) but also by being asked to help another teacher. About the weather, Im glad that I can open the windows at night now, it's comforting compared to the outrageous temps the inside of my apt gets. That said, with the dew, I need to invest in new wiper blades. ::sigh:: I guess it's not all it's cracked up to be after all. Keep the blog posts coming!

Your friend,