Sunday, February 18, 2007

Wow, have not done this in awhile. Let me see, it has been a pretty laid-back semester thus far. I feel like I am a slacker, compared to last semester. I think a lot of this slacker-like feelings are spawned from the fact I am accustomed to pre-student teaching clinicals. These require me to wake up at 4:45am twice a week. I am placed in Machesney Park, IL (north of Rockford). I feel like I am placed in Wisconsin. It takes us about an hour each way. I did just complete my student teaching application for next spring. We have to fill it out a year in advance just because of the high competition among different universities for student teacher placements. I requested the Wheaton, Carol Stream, Glen Ellyn area. I certainly hope I get placed close to home. The time is whizzing by!!!!
As for other things going on in my life, I am stuck in a pickle. You see, the beginning of this school year, I broke up with my boyfriend. Our schedules conflicted way too much and there was just no room for a relationship in my school program. We have been close since we were eighteen. We remained close this whole entire time. He stood by me, despite my decision to break it off. He has been amazing and patient with me during my times of stress. That poor guy and all the stuff I put him through. I were him, I would have dumped me a LONG time ago. lol. Well, ever since I broke up with him, I miss him dearly. He was the best! My parents love him and of course just want me to be happy and sane. Anything I choose to do, they will back me up. Here's the pickle: the obvious answer is to get back together with him (for my mom's sanity) lol BUT I still face my school program until 2008. We have been seeing a lot of each other. We have tried dating other people, but somehow we end up back to each other. What do I do?!?!?!?!! Mom, any suggestions? jk. If it was up to my mom, him and I would be engaged, married with a child on the way. It's TRUE! Just do not tell her I said so, she will get the wrong idea and think I am pregnant or I <3 you mom! Well, that's the dilemma. Any suggestions? I do feel like I am in high school trying to get advice from my friends. Why is this so complicated?!?!?!?!?!? Grumble.


juliana said...

Ok all i can say is do what your heart and mind is telling you to do. You are not getting married just dating - so you really have nothing to loose. Sometimes you do not know what you want until you have it or if something will work for you until you try it out. Kinda like shoes, ya know sometimes you just do not know if they will work for you until you wear them for a day or so:) Same with purses, ya know it looks cute in the store but once you get it home you realize it does not work for your what you need it for. So treat this like you would if you were buying a pair of shoes or a purse - JUST REMEMBER THOUGH THAT SHOES AND PURSES DO NOT HAVE FEELING BUT MR'S DO SO MAKE SURE YOU KEEP HIS FEELING IN MIND:)
I know you will make the right decision
love ya sis,