Saturday, February 24, 2007

Okay, so I have been trying to change the layout of the blog and I have been unsuccessful thus far. I want to change it to a premade template that looks super cool but it is not allowing me. Tears. Oh well. So I am sitting in my room (no roommate all semester!! yippee!) and looking out the window. The campus looks great with a blanket of snow covering the grounds. The creek that runs through the campus just finally became unfrozen with the great weather we had last weekend. Of course, it is frozen once again. I cannot wait until spring. I feel like we have been in the winter season for two years.
I have been burrowed in my blankets all day. It has been a well-deserved relaxation day. I officially blocked this weekend off as "Becky's Weekend" I refuse to allow myself to do anything other than things I WANT to do. What a difference it makes!!! I feel I have been on a mental retreat to the bahamas or something. AHH!
I was on one of my friend's websites the other day and found this poem:

ISU girls are pretty
Northwestern girls are smart
But it takes a Northern girl
To win a fellas heart
Eastern girls are dirty
Western girls are hoes
But when you want a hot girl
Dekalb is where to go
Any man who reads this
Truly has to know
That if you have a Northern girl
Dont ever let her go...

I thought it showed some school pride. tee hee hee It is true though, NIU girls are quite amazing. If you are one, then you know what I am talking about. If not, I deeply apologize for choosing a not-so-awesome school. Just kidding!!!! Well, I believe I am going to finish off my relaxation day with a good chik flik. Take Care!