Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I am back at school once again. YAY for new semesters! I am super excited for this one because I have two clinicals. One is for high school and the other one will be for lower functioning students (ie- students in wheelchairs, mentally handicapped, etc) AND I am excited because so far I do not have a roommate! My dreams have come true!!!! I can't get my hopes up just yet, but boy is this quite a surprise for me. I <3 it. Slowly but surely I have been taking over the whole room.. I deserve this, that's for sure.
Do you believe in second chances? Well let me tell you, I am beginning to. You see, I had difficulties with a certain professor last spring. So much so, I was almost delayed a semester because of it. We really had it out. I had to go to the Department Chair and everything.. it was messy. Low and behold, I pick my classes for this semester and guess who I get as a professor? You got it! Talk about awkwardness. I have not spoken to her since our last confrontation. Well, instead of turning this semester into a disaster because of it, I decided to take the mature step and to email her and apologize for any unnecessary conflict that was caused from our last meeting. I figured if anything, at least I tried to step up to the plate and handle this in a professional manner. Hopefully she can see my attempt and look past our bump in the road and move on to have a successful semester. She has yet to email be back, but hopefully we can get this resolved. Second chance?
We will see.


Positive Chaos said...

Good for you Becky. Keep me posted on her reply! I hope you stay roommate fre:)