Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh My,

  I feel as though I have not done this in awhile. Oh wait, I am right, it's been almost three weeks. Yeeps. I can probably come up with a thousand-and-two reasons as to why I haven't written but bottom line, I am just lazy. Let's see.. a lot has happened since the last post:
 My brother got married.
 I got my hair cut.
 My boyfriend took me to a fabulous crab dinner.
 A new student joined my class. ( I may be losing another...)
 I got an ipod shuffle.
 I attended NIU's homecoming (Go Huskies!)

 A lot has happened since my last post, but a lot more is to come. I am planning a vacation for spring break (may be  even Christmas too!). I need one already. Summer cannot come quick enough.
Speaking of weather...umm... snow??? In October?!?!  Grumbles. Time to move to a warmer climate.

Well, this is brief, but I will elaborate on some topics at another time. It's dinner time!



Rosko said...

Hey, glad to see you back! Hope you potential new student does well, and hooray for crab dinners! ::has dreams of New Orleans::

As for snow, that's a big thumbs down.

Have a great rest of the week!