Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I came across the scariest article in the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper today. Well, actually is was on the front page. Title, "Cops: Rapists Lured Girl on . How scary? There is not one online database on the internet that is safe enough to allow young adults to chat with different people. Whatever happened to the idea of penpals? The whole idea of creations like MySpace is to meet people, get to know their interests. From this article, databases like MySpace is a new way of sex predators to find victims. How disturbing! The perks of MySpace is that the user has a chance to create an online personality. The user can be anyone they wish to be on the internet, but do not find it within themselves in the real world. It is almost genius. Well, unfortunately the downside of MySpace is that ANYONE can have an account, including sex predators. Such people take advantage of the users who are just there to make something of themselves in a cyber world.

Similarly, I often watch the show on MSNBC called MSNBC Investigates. On MSNBC Investigates, episodes consist of exploring prisons around the United States. In addition to that, there is a section of it called "How To Catch a Predator". Basically, there is a group of people who work with the police officials to set up accounts and pose as young teens surfing the internet. Via instant messaging, predators scope out these 'young teens' and attempt to meet up with them. Well, to the intellectual mind, these predators are certainly looking for more than companionship. I suggest watching the show if you or someone you know has young teens who are often on the internet, using instant messaging.

What a gross world we live in.