Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Here I am, jumping on the latest trend of blogging. Ya know, a few of my friends partake in blogging and I guess it never occured to me how helpful it could be. I believe that writing your thoughts down is really theraputic, so I probably should have taken my own advice a long time ago. Well, anyway, let me exlain my title, "As Becky's World Turns". The title was actually named after my own life, given from my father. Back in grade school and junior high, I always had something to say when I got home from school, whether it be updates on who is (not) dating, what that group is fighting about, and so on. So after listening to my many, at times pointless stories, my father just learned to ask about the soap opera of my life at school. Hence the parody of "As the World Turns".

My title also has a more personal meaning. It metaphorically represents my transition from a young woman into an adult. As my world turns, each day is a new day. I am thrilled to now be able to share my thoughts and happenings via blogging. On a side note, I promise there won't be any high school drama... lol : )


Positive Chaos said...

Welcome Becky!
OK lil sis - we are clons. Read my first post in my blog - we even write similar:) I look forward to reading your blog and staying connected to your life that way!
Love ya lil sis:)