Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hooray for Summer Break!!

  Yes folks, 'tis the season that all teachers adore and parents loathe. Summer break!! Yay! I successfully made it through my first year of teaching (BIG sigh). I did it! I cannot believe I really make it through. Most teachers say they dread their first year of teaching, but I truly enjoyed mine.  I made it through because I have a great mentor teacher who kept me laughing the whole time. Thanks, Ms. Grenman! :-)  I also had a great team to vent to, when needed. They know who they are...  (thank you my friends!) I was very bittersweet about packing my belongings up in the classroom. I was really excited for it to be summer, but sad to know I won't see the kiddies until fall. Some of them, I won't see at all. They will be moving to another school for fourth grade. (Good luck!!) Anyway, so my first week of break is almost over. It feels wonderful! I have slept in. I have done things that I wanted to do (including a well-deserved pedicure!). Ahh. And so the warm weather, leisurely reading, and summer festivities begin.  I have good intentions on getting back to working out again. I kind of took an unplanned hiatus from it for  loooonnng time.  I worked long hours at work and also brought work home. No time for the gym.  Trust me, I will return. Nothing like a good run under the morning sun. Awesome!

  So a lot of people have been asking what my plans are for the summer. I don't really have a  plan, per say. I do have things that I would like to do, such as travel to California for a bit. I would also like to work on preparing for grad school. Of course, there's the usual plan of seeing friends and family too. I did have the opportunity of teach summer school, but I turned it down. I just want a break. A breather.  I have the rest of my life to teach summer school and pursue higher degrees. This summer, I am choosing to relax and do things that I want to do. I cannot wait!
   I do plan on posting pictures of my activities over break. Stay tuned... :-)