Monday, April 23, 2007

Isn't it amazing how a cell phone can be the best invention ever and an evil enemy the next? I also say that about the WheatThins box. It was great because they are soo tasty, but not so great when I happen to get a box-cut. If you don't know what a box cut is, imagine a paper cut and multiply then pain by three. Ouch!
Back to the cell phone thing. You see, I just switched carriers from Sprint to Cingular. Yay for me! I like my new phone and all, but I am having problems figuring some things out. I suppose it will give me something to do during class. Also, did you notice that with phones, the wrong person always happens to call and the person you want to call, doesn't? We have all been there. I am not going into detail about it, but just know that I am going through that now. Grumble.

Wow, another beautiful day. I celebrated the weather by taking the little boys I babysit for to the park for almost two hours today. They had such a good time and that made me happy.

Enjoy this weather and remember to smile. After all, smiles are contagious! :)