Saturday, December 09, 2006

It is a small world! Let me explain (not like one is needed, but I am sure it would help). My dad used to work at the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago, his rank was a captain. Anyway, my dad's best friend Bill worked there too (still does). Bill is the one who is the connection to all of this. Somehow, Bill and this other person, Jim,(who also worked at the Federal Reserve) got on the subject about Jim working at Otto's (a bar here at school) Bill knows that I attend Northern so he mentioned my name. Obviously Jim didn't know me, but then requested that I should go in and introduce myself. At the time this happened, I wasn't 21. So to make a long story short, if possible, I went to Otto's last night and met this guy. He is sooo wonderful! Not only did I get my drinks for free, but he also extended it to my friend Laura who happened to be with me! How nice of him! I thought he would be this old creepy guy, but actually he is 29.
Wow, it truly is a small world.

On a side note, I would really like to show pictures of my friends and me. I will do so as soon as I figure out how. Unnnntil then, enjoy!