Thursday, September 28, 2006

Relationships are a huge part of life and for developmental reasons, we all need them. I find it strange that essentially we are all searching for the same thing, but a good bunch of people are struggling to find it. College is not the place to hold long-term, long-distance relationships (in the dating sense, of course) It simply is not fair to the persons involved, nor the health of the relationship. College students are here for a reason; no person should come between the student and the dream, it is just wrong. I think there are guidelines written in a book somewhere. If one were to search for this book, try Borders, I hear it's quite a hot item . . .

As one can probably tell, I am quite biased in my opinion. I tried the whole long-distance thing. One can come to an obvious conclusion or I wouldn't be writing this. As much as my heart tells me to follow it, my mind suggests otherwise. I thought it to be wise to follow my mind because it allowed me to realize that I wasn't ready. I wasn't ready to receive what this man had to offer, nothing more than his love for me. I wasn't ready to be the woman he wished me to be. As much as it hurt to let him go, it feels better knowing that I was completely honest with my feelings with him.

College is a wonderful experience. My heart goes out to those who are struggling with their relationships. Just know that there is an ending; whether it's happy or not is up to the people involved.